Salaet Advocats, tax adviser’s services: tax planning for business, income ledger, attention to specific enquiries, among other services.

Tax adviser

If you need a tax adviser, we can help you. In order to meet your tax needs, at Salaet Advocats we work together with several consultant’s offices that are on the frontline. The goal is to offer you a high-quality service thanks to their economists and advisers team. Tax advice is essential when planning, implementing and monitoring the fulfilment of existing tax obligations at any company.

Tax adviser’s action areas

Tax planning for companies

Tax planning for all types of businesses. Management and presentation of the fiscal closing and the tax year: corporate tax, IVA, IAE, IRPF, etc. Tax management: drawing up and preparation of all types of annual taxes.

Relation with the administration

Support before tax entities. Management of the electronic notification service. Drawing up and defence of claims.