Salaet Advocats, expert lawyers in labour law: dismissals, wage claims, workplace harassment, occupational accidents, among other services.

Labour law

The labour law is one of the fundamental practice areas that we offer at Salaet Advocats. We will defend your rights and interests whether you are a company or an individual.

Labour law action areas


Procedure for disciplinary, objectives, fair and unfair dismissals, dismissal letters, debt reduction and other problems that may arise from the employment relation between companies and individuals.

Disciplinary sanctions

Administrative and legal appeals’ filing before any kind of labour sanctions.

Wage claims

Filing administrative and legal wage claims and other concepts of defaults.

Workplace harassment

Action against mobbing in order to get a work environment free of psychological assaults. Appeals procedure for workplace harassment and compensation.

Substantial changes in working conditions

Appeals procedure for substantial changes in working conditions, workday, working hours, salary, relocations and displacements, professional redeployment and others.

Social Security

Advice and administrative appeals procedure for Social Security and hiring benefits.

Occupational accidents and work-related disabilities

Advisory service on occupational accidents, permanent injuries without disability, occupational illness and other injuries derived from work. Temporary and permanent disability derived from occupational accidents and degree of disability review.

Documents and appeals

Drafting and appeals related to the working environment, such as holidays, reduction of working hours, appeals’ processing before FOGASA, etc.

Company succession and subrogation

Advisory service on transfer of business and subrogation of employees.