Salaet Advocats, expert lawyers in compensations: traffic accident claims, speeding, medical negligence, among other services.


If you do not know how to claim compensations, we will help you. At Salaet Advocats we want you to have the right to receive what is yours. This is why we defend, claim and fight for your interests.

Compensations action areas

Traffic accident and others

Advice and compensation claims in terms of accidents, traffic, falls in public spaces, public transport, robbery and other causes that can produce physical or psychological harms.

Medical negligence

Advice and filing of malpractice claims for delayed diagnosis, treatment, medical error or any other malpractice related to a breach of protocol and medical judgement that can cause physical or psychological injuries to the patient.

Valuation of injuries and sequelae

Valuation of injuries and sequelae arising from accidents or medical negligence and valuation of the financial compensation for damages.